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24 коментара на “PES 2014 – Tutorial 1 : Ball Control”

  • cook hamgurber meat and then freeze it in 1- and 2-cup portions for the same result. I also make broth from those chickens and turkeys. You can freeze it and pull it out whenever you need it for soups,

  • comentou em 11 de junho de 2010 às 12:46. Como é bom ganhar dinheiro se divertindo 😉 não tem coisa melhor fazer o que gosta e se divertir e ainda ganhar pra isso.Mas ñ iludam tanto as blogueiras novatas 😀 isso ai é só no Petiscos ta gente e outros blogs já bem estabilizados – rs

  • Very cool bike, but I’d agree with Brammofan. That bike would never pass inspection in my state of Delaware (which neighbors the manufacturer’s state of Pennsylvania). The DMV tore me a new one last month when I tried to get my converted KTM 525 SMR inspected — plate had to be mounted vertically and illuminated, signals had to be a specific size (in square inches) and distance apart, tail light had to be a specific size (in square inches), reflectors on the sides of the bike front & rear, blah, blah, blah!

  • I’m overwhelmed on 2 fronts with photos. First, a few years back I thought it would be a great idea and gift to scrap my friend’s family blog. It has been both of those but I am SO behind. Second, I’m making a scrapbook, well, it might fit into 4, about my friend’s daughter who survived being hit by an SUV. It is a testimony of God in her life. Lots of photos from her time in the hospital and all the stories that were a part of that. So yes, I need your class. And some chocolate.

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